Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Being Blog-lazy!

I have been back from Germany for quite some time now but have been dreadful at updating my blog! First there was the holiday washing, then the electrics caused bother and so it went on until finally any excuse to make the most of what sunshine we had or just plain crafting has got in the way! There is lots to share - as I have been offline for so long! But I will have to start with a photo of our cat Jess with the crocheted ninja that Joey has made for Elliot!

Rolling the time back to the holiday I won't post all the photos but I will post two of my favourites!
The first is of my favourite house in Nurenburg. I love the architecture, the balconies but most of all I love the garden - which of course you can't see in this photo. The second is of a red squirrel - we always see them everywhere over there - such a shame we don't have them as much over here - they are wonderful!
This next photo is of the sink garden that I made on an online workshop with the Stay At Home Miniaturists. Kathryn from Fine Flowers took the workshop and we all used this kit. Believe it or not there is a hedgehog inside the flower pot. This is in 12th scale - I have never worked in this scale before - I usually work a lot smaller. It is however the 1st time I have made miniature flowers and they were a lot harder than I thought they would be but I got there in the end!

Below is the finished settle kit from Jane Harrop. It is in 24th scale, as is the lavender basket - which is also a Jane Harrop kit. This isn't a particularly good photo. I think I will have to try and re-do this on a sunnier day!

And lastly but most definitely not least there is 'Owlie' . This is another of Joeys crocheted creations from an Amy Gaines pattern. He is absolutely gorgeous. Once I brought him home I decided that the best place was in the bird cage in our bedroom that has hung empty just waiting for the right occupant. Of course the door is left open at all times!


Doreen said...

Welcome back and I hope you had a great holiday. Jess is beautiful - really unusual markings.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire! Oh I like this, two of my creations (even if they are done from patterns) on your post! :D Your cat is so lovely and looks really cuddly, glad she likes ninja. Oh and the tiny tiny red squizz! gorgeous! Oh I forgot to say, did you know they have BLACK squirrels and WHITE (not albino though) squirrels in the US I think? Look at the pics on flickr:


Oh, you should see 'Synecdoche, New York', the wife of the main character paints very tiny paintings, and I mean VERY tiny! It's really funny, people going to her exhibition have to wear special magnifying glasses to see them! :D
Joey xxx

PS I'm on my lunch break at work, not long to go until I go home, thank goodness!!!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

this is one of the pictures, held btween finger and thumb so you can see the scale.

J xxx