Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sea Shanty - New Project!

Yesterday I started on my next building. It is a quarter scale sea shanty on a wharf, the kit has been designed by Karen Cary. It has two floors consisting of a kitchen and sitting room downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. I had my little boy home off sick so he sat and played with his lego whilst I worked on my miniatures. I acheived a lot in one day as you will see from the following photographs.

The 1st two walls go up!

The next two walls!

The view from the back - showing the upstairs internal wall.

The last main wall in place.

And again from the back.

The benefits of having a small boy playing with lego at your feet is the ready available lego bricks with which to build an improvised glueing jig when contructing a roof at right angles - thanks for the tip Judith!

Next I built the wharf. In the instructions this isn't built until further into the process but I was keen to see how it was all going to look so I skipped ahead. The pilings are lengths of dowel, you carve the tops slightly to make them look weathered. The main part of the wharf is gator foam which I then covered with the mini decking and added trim around the edge.

Everything temporarily placed together just to see how it was going to turn out!

I am really pleased with how this kit is going together. There will be so much fun ahead when it comes to landscaping the sea under the wharf and the beach!

On Wednesday it was the 'Stay at Home Miniaturists Club' monthly class. This time we made a garden basket - taught by Emma from The Craft Pack Company. It was great fun but unfortunately it is in 12th scale which is far too big for any of my projects - but like I said it was fun to do anyway!

The carnations.

The Irises.

The boxes and seed packets.

The finished Garden Basket!

And for the benefit of scale here is the basket next to a 50p!

Frostys Snowman Shop is pretty much finished now. I am just in the process of dressing the shop. It is all glued into place and the stock is all in. I just need to attach the signage to the various products. Hopefully I will be able to share a photo of that soon.


elis said...

As I said to you, I loved your flowers.
I like very much your Sea Shanty, too.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

HIya Claire! Sorry not been in touch for AGES!!! I hope you and family are ok. Your new house here looks gorgeous already!!! Any chance you can scale it up for me to live in??? :D

lots of love
Joey xxx