Wednesday, 24 June 2009

So Many Projects!!!

I have been doing lots of things recently.

Firstly and most importantly I wanted to make a card for Judith at who has also become a good friend, to thank her for the endless advice and help she gives me and this is what I made.....

The backgroung was made using the printing technique out of Traci Bautista's book Collage Unleashed, then I added the door image from a Paper Whimsy collage sheet, the roof is a rubber stamp that I embossed and then the appropriate quote 'Great things are done by a series of small things brought together - van gogh' is a Rhonna Farrer rub-on and lastly some star brads.

The Sea Shanty now has floors but ground to a halt as I couldn't decide what to put on the walls!

But I have been doing a lot of work on my 24th scale French house these last few weeks. A friend who I met through this blog Liesl recommended a blog by Christine Lea Frisoni. It is truly inspirational to anyone who builds miniatures. SO I bought the book back in March/April. I am not upto major woodwork just yet so I bought an MDF kit for a Georgian Mansion which had the placement of windows and the door where I wanted and I figured I could alter everything else! I have now built the house and painted a lot of it to give it a base coat. This week has been real challenge as I have been putting the electrics in - something very new for me - 24th scale plugs are incredibly fiddly to wire believe me! This house is most definitely resembling an actual 'dollshouse' something that I feel the smaller 48th scale miniatures I have done previously did not. But it is fun to do something different. I will have great fun making all the floors and furniture for this. Funnily enough my friend Judith sent me a magazine the other week and it had a feature on this book and french style miniatures so for the 1st time ever I am 'in fashion'!!!

Christine Lea Frisonis fabulous book

The French house so far!

The insides with the main room lights installed.

I am sure that I should have waited to put the lights in but I couldn't, I wanted to see what it would look like.

Last week I came across a couple of vintage tri-ang dollshouses. Having been working on the larger scale house I thought that I would probably get a lot of fun out of 'rennovating' them. they are really lovely.

The larger of the two houses.

The smaller one.

They both need roof repairs, replacement windows, and a good lick of paint at the very least. We have no room whatsoever for these two houses so they will definitely be projects for the fun of it but unfortunately not to keep!

Anyway next week I think I will downsize again and spend sometime at my little craft table working on the furniture for Pickett Hill. If nothing else these last few weeks have taught me that I love the smaller scales so much more!

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Liesl said...

Hi Claire
The Sea Shanty is sooo cute!I love it! The French house will look lovely once it's finished, you're really brave to try the lighting - I've never had any luck!