Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sea Shanty Exterior

Finally I have made my way across my craft table to my Sea Shanty. I have not done anything on this for so long I couldn't remember where I was in the instructions!

Anyway I found my place and got going. Firstly I glued on the roofs. Then the corner trims went on. The next part I found really rather exhausting if I am honest! The cutting of the plastic shingle sheets. It is so important to check and double check that the shingles are facing the right way and that you have the templates on the correct way round. Then the tough bit, cutting it out. It didn't stop there either, windows (one of which is oval remember) and doors needed to be cut out of the plastic sheet. Anyway I got there in the end even if I did need to sit and have a moment with a cup of tea afterwards!! Then I glued the roof trims in place.

I have started to build the interior stairs now. I have stained the railings and the treads using a stain pen. I am thinking of painting the risers and the sides cream.

The risers and the sides waiting to be done.

Maybe tomorrow I will get the roof sheets on but for now I just couldn't face cutting anymore plastic sheets!!!


Ascension said...

Te esta quedando genial!!!!
Tienes mucho trabajo por delante, pero vale la pena, sera una casa preciosa.
besitos ascension

The Pin Factory said...

Gracias cada vez es encantadora sus comentarios.
Puedo usar traductor Google, así que espero que esto tiene sentido.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire!
It's looking really good! Can't wait to move in! ;-)
Joey xx