Tuesday, 8 June 2010

144th Scale Antique Store

I have pretty much finished my 144th scale Antique Store.

I decided to put a stucco finish on the exterior, by mixing sand into my paint.

Then I stained the window trims and archways with my new stain pen. It is Minwax in Dark Walnut. It arrived this morning from In Some Small Way and I have to say it is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to use it on lots of other things. the window trims were very delicate and there were a few little breaks and at one point a trim went walkabout and was found on the stairs, don't ask me how it got there!

I love the contrast between the really dark trims and the light paintwork. Also the difference in colour between the wood of the trims and the the wood of the floorboards.

The inside is just lovely and I will have lots of fun filling it, I think maybe some antique paintings for the walls.

Here is the obligatory coin to give you an idea of scale. It is an English 10p .

I decided to leave one door open, inviting the customers inside.

The roof I have left loose so that I can lift it on and off so that I change the display inside.

And lastly the shop sign. I haven't done anything to this yet as I am unsure what finish I might like, but I think that it will do fine as it is for now.

I love this little shop. I have really enjoyed making it and it looks really lovely on the shelf. It is somewhere I can put bits of furniture that haven't got a home yet.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

So cute! I love the flooring! Nice job chuckie!

Joey xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

Beautiful, Claire! You have so many projects 'on the go' and do so well with all of them - they are all lovely. You are such a productive person.

Sandra (Snippets From My Studio)