Thursday, 10 June 2010

144th Scale Boys Bedroom

This is a kit that my friend Joey bought me for Christmas from Judith at In Some Small Way . It is a 144th scale 2 level room with french doors at the back and a choice of scenes to put behind the doors. It is a lovely kit and I have really enjoyed building it. The instructions are extremely clear and easy to follow. I love that there are 2 levels to this because it adds the opportunity for extra interest. I hung onto this kit for a while because I like to know exactly what I want from it before I start. It took a while before I decided that I wanted a little boys bedroom with a vintage feel.
Firstly I stained all the relevant pieces with my new stain pen - I wanted a deep dark feel to the wood so that the wallpaper and the colourful furniture will stand out.

Next I built the sides and put the floor in and wallpapered the room. The wallpaper is from Jennifer's printables which I scaled down in photo shop. You can also see the stairs to the side built and ready to go in.
I then built the 2nd floor and slotted it in. It fitted perfectly.

There is s choice of a number of scenes to put behind the french doors all of which are really gorgeous and will be used in other projects. I chose the seascape because what little boy wouldn't love to open his bedroom out onto the beach. This little boy is going to have adventures that could be straight out of Swallows and Amazons. I then glued the door frames around the scene.
I glued the french doors open so that the sea breeze can blow in and the little boy has abandoned his toys and is running on the beach. You can see also that I have added the stairs and the railings. I was going to paint the railings in a bright colour but decided against it as I felt it would draw too solid a line through the middle.
You can see from the view below that there is plenty of room to play with on the top level. I shall be putting in bunk beds and toys!

Here is the completed room box - all it needs now is the furniture!

These little room boxes are so much fun. They are projects that can be done in a fairly short space of time and also in this scale are a good way of having a room accessible so that you can add all sorts of details. I am looking forward to filling it.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya! It's looking fantastic!! I love it! I really like the scene in the corner, it's fabby! Never mind little boys liking it, I think a big girl like me would LOVE it! :D

Joey xx

Ascension said...

Te esta quedando preciosa, pero lo mejor es lo que has disfrutado haciendola.
Ahora te queda llenarla de detallitos, pasare para verla acabada.
bewsitos ascension

The Pin Factory said...

Gracias por sus comentarios encantadora

Sandra from Sydney said...

Oooooh! It's lovely too! Where is this one from? You are churning these projects out, and they are all so clever. Great job.
Sandra (Snippets From My Studio)

The Pin Factory said...

Sandra this kit is available from Judith at it is decorated differently on the website. If you can't find it then just email Judith and she will sort it for you. It really is a lovely kit.

And Joey thankyou for such a wonderful xmas present - its June and I am still getting HUGE pleasure from it!

Claire x