Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sea Shanty

I have done plenty on my Sea Shanty so there are loads of photos!

Firstly I painted the exterior with a grey/blue colour.
Here is a close up of the shingles pattern, it felt very flat and 2 dimensional.
I asked Judiths advise about the 'flat feel' and this was her advice:
"It needs brushing with some Matt varnish but first put some dark brown in it - enough to get into the cracks to add dimension. Then wipe over with a rag."
So I followed her advice and got just the look I wanted. The depth doesn't show up so well on the photos but trust me it is a whole load better than it was.

The next thing I did was paint and put in the doors and windows.

Here you can see the windows from the inside as well as the internal door that I have put in-between the bedroom and the bathroom.
I glued the internal door slightly open as I felt it looked so much better.
I glued the front door closed, we don't want those sea breezes blowing in on a winters evening!
The bathroom window is a lovely oval shape.

The shutters were the next thing to go on.

I love looking through the windows and seeing the stairs.

I then realised that in my eagerness to get the internal stairs in I had not thought through how I would get the internal window trims in! oops! So I decided that I would be better off building and painting the trims beforehand so that I only had one piece to manoeuvre. I cut the pieces using a mitre box and then glued them together on my lovely little magnetic glue jig.

..and then painted them.
I then very carefully glued them in place using tweezers. Hey presto!
Here is the back with all the trims in.
My thoughts then turned to the roof. So I built the porch, painting the brackets to match the windows and the underside to look like weathered wood.
The roof is corrugated plastic sheeting. I wanted a weathered copper look, so I painted them a bluey green and then dirtied them up by dry brushing some brown over it.

Here is the roof from the back.
And a close up.
I then glued the plastic roof sheeting onto the porch and glued that in place. So here is a photo of how the Sea Shanty stands now. I am really pleased with how it has turned out. It has taken me almost a year of deliberating over colour choices for this project, I really needed it to be right for me. I am so glad that I waited until I knew exactly what I wanted because I am thrilled with the outcome.

Now its onto the Wharf and the sea itself......


Joey's Dream Garden said...

It's finished!! Well, as much as it needs to be, for me to move in! Gimme the keys, NOW! :D
Can I have it somewhere in Cornwall, in a little fishing village, I've heard Mevagissey is nice though I've never been there...

I love it! I love the weathered shingles, you're right it was too flat before.

I love that internal door just slightly ajar!

Love the little porch, just right for when there's a gale blowing and it's chucking it down, and you're trying to get sand off your shoes before you go inside, but don't want to get even wetter!

Joey xxx

Sandra from Sydney said...

It's looking just wonderful! I love the blue, love everything about it. And I agree - doing the 'weathering' adds so much depth to those shingles. Much as I hated to 'dirty' up my lovely exterior colour doing that gave it so much more character.

Looking forward to seeing your water - I'm still not satisfied with mine, which is why I haven't posted the photos of the finished item. Seeing your progress really inspires me to fiddle with it a bit more vbg - that's really all that's needed now.

Great work!

Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)