Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Snowy Saturday of Crafting

Yesterday the snow arrived just as predicted. We decided to take the opportunity to light the fire and spend a day all sat together being creative. Whilst Clive and Elliot played their guitars and built an airfix boat I finally bit the bullet and started the mannequin tree for the Birchwood cabinet.

I laid the 'ingredients' out and just looked at them - a loud gulp!

But thankfully the instructions from the Betterleys are so clear and have so many photographs that I managed to follow them easily and cut my wire ready.

The mannequin was built next and sanded to give a rounded look.

The wire part of the tree was nice and easy - I just had to be a bit creative with which wires I cut off in order to get it to fit inside the mannequin!!!

This is the point at which I put it to one side still a little too scared to start on the putty - but seeing as we have more snow today then I can see the putty coming out this afternoon!

The REALLY exciting thing that happened yesterday was that the spinning wheel that I won on ebay arrived - at 7.45am!! Still in my pj's I was jumping up and down in the freezing cold on our front yard waving to the driver to stop at the right cottage! I know you are thinking - but you already have a wheel - well I did - well half a wheel! So now I have a whole wheel to play with whenever I want and all the time. It is truly beautiful and it is most definitely love at first sight!

I spun a little of the green fleece that was dyed with chlorophyllin. Doesn't it look good on the bobbin?

As you can imagine I could not wait and immediately starting spinning on it. By lunch time I had spun two bobbins from the fleece I painted on Thursday and then plied it. A niddy noddy came with the new wheel so I thought I would give it a whirl. Here is my 1st skein of plied wool on the new wheel!
I had thought that the fleece I had painted was a disaster but now it is spun it has turned out really pretty. Very delicate colours.

The yarn that I painted on Thursday is now dry and ready to knit with. It is VERY bright indeed.

Here is all the painted yarn together.

Lastly today, so that I can return to my spot in front of the fire and carry on with my tree, here is a photo of the shop box that I mentioned from Judiths sale( ). It is SO full of potential I cannot wait. But I need to spend some time planning it. I have no idea what it might sell as my Cabin is a quilt and wool shop. Any suggestions.........


Sandra from Sydney said...

I love that shop roombox. How about a cake shop/bakery? It would lend itself to a shabby chic look, or any other style. Seems to have room for some tables and chairs perhaps as well as the counter and some baker's racks. Love, Sandie

The Pin Factory said...

Hi there Sandie
I was thinking shabby chic too but then I seem to be thinking that for everything these days! It is quite a deep shop not like the town square ones so plenty of scope. hugs Claire x